OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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It is rather well known that Neutron comes with a built-in networking backend made of several agents which interact with the ML2 plugin. They are: The Openvswitch and Linuxbridge agents, which manage L2 connectivity The DHCP agent, which is responsible for managing IP leases The L3 agent, which takes care of L3 forwarding, Source NAT for externally-bound traffic and Floating IPs The metadata agent, which connects Neutron networks to the Nova metadata server And last but not least, the agents for managing advanced services such as Load Balancing, Firewalling, and VPN However, the choice of Open Source solution which can be used as a Neutron backend is actually wider; deployers are therefore able to choose the backend which better fits their architectural model. The aim of this talk is therefore to explore these backends, and briefly look at their capabilities and architecture analyze how they integrate with Neutron, and how they mix & match with the various neutron agents see them in action (*) and discuss pro and cons This talk will look at both backends which are in the Neutron source code tree and backends which are not yet there (**) (*) at least some of them as the allocated time slot would hardly allow for showing all (**) support for some backends such as ODL and OpenContrail is currently under review and might or might not be merged by the time of the summit.

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