Madison+ 2015

Ruby is a great language for building CLIs. Libraries such as Thor, GLI, or even OptionParser make creating command line applications even easier. Many tools we use everyday are built upon these libraries such as `chef`, the heroku toolbelt, @sferik’s twitter client `t`, and of course the `rails` command line tool. Building a CLI in Ruby is so easy, however distributing your tool to end users is often the most challenging part. We often run into problems because the Ruby runtime is a dependency and it’s not always available or compatible with our applications. Many of the solutions that exist are problematic, such as packaging the full runtime as part of the application. We are starting to see many people switching to Go for it’s portability like Vagrant, CloudFoundry, and `hub`, the Github command-line tool. But there’s still hope! In 2012, Matz released a lightweight embeddable ruby called mruby which is designed for being embedded in other compiled languages. mruby: a packaging story filled with freedom. In this talk we’ll look how we can write CLI tools using mruby to produce a self-contained binary that can be shipped to end users.

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