Madison+ Mobile 2014

Madison+ videos were recorded and produced by Backflip Films of Madison, WI.

Whether it’s bringing on a brand new person to development or transitioning a back end developer to mobile development is difficult. As an iOS teacher at The Flatiron School, I’ve learned some of the best ways to teach mobile development, and I’d like to share those experience with the audience at Snow Mobile. In this talk I’ll cover the lessons I’ve learned on getting students up to speed with mobile development as quickly as possible. We will cover starting with the common themes across languages and platforms, moving into the fundamentals of mobile development such as core design patterns and programming views. Then we will finish with how to teach the complicated elements unique to mobile development. Most notably, we will cover mobile design and teaching multi threading to beginners. This talk will use examples from the iOS ecosystem, but should be applicable to all mobile ecosystems.

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