Madison+ Mobile 2014

Madison+ videos were recorded and produced by Backflip Films of Madison, WI.

The statistics say that people spend more time with their devices than their loved ones, there are more people that own smartphones than use a toothbrush, that most people are using their tablets while watching TV, and they are all shopping up a storm. OK, we get it. Mobile is critical, and people are adopting big-time. But what is the real story of people and their devices? And what does it mean for the user experience? This session will explore common behaviors we’ve seen in hundreds of user research sessions – online, in the lab, and in the so-called real world – and the implications they have for mobile user experience. Plus, we will look at some tips for learning how people experience your mobile site or app. Come away from the talk with guiding principles for creating an awesome mobile user experience and a toolkit for keeping it real.

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