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Madison+ Ruby 2018

This presentation, by Louisa Barrett, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

This talk will be broken into 5 sections: 1) What is Color Blindness? Explain common types of color blindness. This is to increase audience understanding and empathy, as well as provide context as to why this is something we need to be conscious of and work to improve our efforts to address it effectively. 2) The Color Wheel and Dangerous Color Combos How to evaluate and avoid tricky color combinations, and how to make better color pairing decisions. 3) Typography, Text, and Legibility How color, contrast, and size can impact a user's ability to read text. 4) UX Patterns Which UI trends lend themselves to accessibility, and strategies for successfully adapting those that do not. 5) Links, Buttons, and Forms Strategies for making these utilitarian elements more usable for everyone. Conclusion Making choices that increase visual accessibility ultimately increase how usable our work and the web is for everyone.

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