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LambdaConf 2015

Part 2 Freya is a stack of libraries for F# which are designed to let you get close to HTTP in a functional, typed way. As well as providing a useful set of abstractions over HTTP, it also offers a graph based approach to modelling HTTP responses, enabling the creation of "well-behaved" HTTP applications simply (and correctly). We'll take a tour through the stack and exercise the various parts individually, before diving in to write a complete HTTP application. We'll see how easy it is to write applications which take full advantage of the HTTP standards, and then we'll look at ways of extending our application out past the world of RFCs in to the world of hypermedia - and we'll do it with graphs! After this session you'll be comfortable building an application using Freya, and you'll almost certainly have come up with some great ideas for how Freya, and the graph based approach to logical design, could be extended to do even more.

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