JSConf ar 2014

At Twitter, the Visual Insights team has been working with the Media, Comms, Government and Brand Strategy teams on different visualizations for big events that happened around the world. Combining web standards, storytelling, data analysis and advanced graphics techniques we aim to translate into images the way people around the world have reacted on Twitter to an event. For our visualizations the Web is the best delivery platform and we use all graphics standards: 2D Canvas, WebGL, SVG and HTML based on the requirements of each visualization and accounting for factors like: number of elements in the screen, shape complexity, interaction, mobile support, libraries available and more. Through the exposition of some of our work, we will describe the workflow we use to create interactive public-facing visualizations at Twitter. We will go through a pipeline which includes stages of research of novel visualization techniques, design and planning for an event, data gathering and processing, prototyping and publishing visualizations.

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