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Jenkins User Conference 2014 San Francisco

This presentation, by Will Soula, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Netflix has an entire Symbian Army and this is our first “monkey.” The CI Monkey leverages the GitHub Pull Request Builder, Jenkins Job Builder and a shell script to automatically create CI builds. This talk will go into detail on the two technologies used by the CI Monkey, then talk about the CI Monkey itself: what it does and how to use it. Learn about using CI Monkey to: Get results of tests or user feedback sooner See how smaller changesets equals smaller amounts of code to troubleshoot to find a problem Set up a stepping stone to continuous delivery Why use CI Monkey? Because you’ll: Save time and effort creating builds Avoid missed repos Be able to change job configuration with the CI Monkey Utilize GitHub Pull Request Builder Enable almost automatic CI on a dev branch

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