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Jenkins User Conference 2015

Michael developed a technically interesting database backend, artifact repository and reporting interface for Jenkins. He was originally told that it would be impossible to create what he was proposing, and so he did it anyway :). The project that he proposed was intended to solve some DevOps scaling issues the FireEye team was experiencing. The initial purpose of the project was to extract Jenkins project/job data and store it in a relational database. The desire was to do this continuously so that the data was available in near real time. This would eventually be accomplished by several tables in a SQL database, a lot of digging into Jenkins, a few scripts and a 3,000 line SQL statement! There was certainly some secret sauce here and he'll get into that, too. The end result was a fully functional database backend that held all sorts of useful information from Michael's build pipeline. Ultimately, the data was turned into a web application with a RESTful API that facilitated automated deployment and pipeline metrics/reporting.

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