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Jenkins User Conference 2015

This presentation will highlight an integrated development process that involves Java and non-Java code built with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise and deployed to CloudFoundry. A software lifecycle of continuous delivery from source code control (Git) to Jenkins build (Maven and Gradle) to live deployment on a Cloud Foundry instance will be shown. We will demo using Jenkins to do a blue/green application deployment. Blue/green deployment as defined in continuous delivery and well described by Martin Fowler is having two environments that you can easily switch between without downtime. With a Cloud Foundry blue/green Jenkins deployment, you can push a new version of the application and have a software router add that to an existing version of the application's route. The two versions are then load-balanced, allowing for testing of the new version and easy replacement or fall-back to the existing version. Running jobs on private and public clouds with deploy to either/both Jenkins running on a PaaS and integrated into the PaaS * full development lifecycle automated with Jenkins. We will run a hands-on demo and show the beauty and simplicity of an integrated build pipeline with Jenkins and Cloud Foundry.

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