Ignite OSCON 2012

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Not too long ago, I took up an Indiegogo project that included all of the parts to make an open source, self-replicating 3D printer. It has been a techie's dream, with immense portions of both challenges and rewards. Even more recently, I received my first Raspberry Pi, a $35 board that will almost fit in an Altoids case, but runs several Linux distros like a champ. Even though the first thing I did was see if it would run PostgreSQL (of course it did), my latest dream is to use the RP to drive the Python-based 3D printer software, and incorporate it all into a single unit capable of surfing for 3D objects to print, downloading them, converting them, and pushing them to the eMaker Huxley. Edward Snajder Jive Software Currently the database administrator at Jive Software, I have been having fun with DB Engines, SQL, ETL and BI for a little over ten years. Today I find myself amongst PostgreSQL and MySQL databases predominantly, though I am certified in SQL 2005, and do a fair amount of Oracle support. Some day I hope to understand and dislike all database engines equally.

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