Ignite OSCON 2012

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Steve Franzia Chief Solutions Architect, 10gen Steve Franzia leads the public side of the engineering organization at 10gen including integration, evangelism, support and consulting. Steve brings to this role his experience as VP of engineering at OpenSky where he build the worlds first e-commerce site powered by MongoDB and one of the first PHP sites backed by MongoDB. Steve has been an engineer, entrepreneur and executive since 1995 when he built one of the first ecommerce sites while working for American Telecom. His previous roles include CIO/COO at Portero, VP of Development at Takkle and Founder & CTO of Supernerd. Steve loves open source. He has contributed to dozens of open source projects including MongoDB, Doctrine, Symfony2 and Zoop and has started a few of his own. Steve holds a BA from Brigham Young University in Philosophy, where among other things, he created and taught a course on dynamic web development.

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