Ignite OSCON 2012

Video recording and production done by O'Reilly

"Piers, do you want to do a keynote at OSCON?" "Yes! What should I talk about?" "Well... you know xkcd.com?" "Yes." "There's this strip over here. It'd be fun if..." "Oh! Hell yes!" So here I am. Saying yes. Piers Cawley Headforwards Piers Cawley started programming Perl in the mid nineties, but recently spent a few years working as a Ruby programmer. He's currently writing Perl for Headforwards in Cornwall. His surfing days are behind him. He used to write a weekly summary of developments in Perl 6 for the perl.com website and is currently writing (will have written) an eBook for O'Reilly about Higher Order Javascript. He's a singer and balloon modeller, and has created custom balloon millinery for Sarah Novotny.

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