Ignite OSCON 2012

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Blair Korndorfer has spent the last 30 years developing CAD Files, PDF files, Autocad Menus as well as over 11,000 CAD Blocks and 800 LISP programs to automate the blocks. He has ask me to help him make these available as open source. These are Dynamic Blocks where one dynamic block can be used the replace five or six hundred static blocks and the dynamic blocks are driven and controlled by lisp program. Others programs have been written that assemble and finish the detailed of drawings. There are about 800 of these lisp program that have been created and they are completely organized for use. The challenge is the new architect will produce very refined and complete drawing without actually knowing what they are doing at the detail level. Big firms usually don't have these tools. A block takes about 100 hours to do and with these tools the time required for drawing goes from a day to fifteen minutes. Productivity can grow in the design areas by minimizing the grunt work. We need feedback on the following: What licence model should we use? What infrastructure do we need? What else do we need? How should we get the word out? Any thing else people can think of. Tony McCormick Medical Information Integration, LLC Currently on the Board of Directors for the OpenEMR FOSS project, Project manager for the OpenEMR CCHIT/Meaningful certification in 2011. I have been involved in HealthCare IT since 1988 where he was part of a team that had started one of the first Preferred Provider Organizations in Texas. Later he developed applications for the HMO market, Independent Practitioners Medical Records and Billing systems and large clinical systems. In Oregon he was a lead analyst on the Oregon Medical Electronic Network which was run by the Oregon Medical Association. He founded MI2 with the desire to help reduce the high cost of medical services by providing efficient, easy to use software based on the Free Open Source Software model. Speaker at OSCON 2010, Co-Speaker with Dr Sam Bowen at POSSCON 2011

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