Ignite OSCON 2012

Video recording and production done by O'Reilly

Mike O'Connor Commerce Guys Mike discovered his love for computers in high school, starting his career at the tender age of 16. At his first eCommerce job, he set out to find an alternative to the frustratingly limited software he was working with and discovered Drupal, the powerful open source CMS. Collaborating with Ryan Szrama, the originator of the Drupal eCommerce software Ubercart, he started consulting on Drupal eCommerce sites. It soon became clear that Ubercart was not as flexible as it should be to support modern commerce. Mike, Ryan, and a small group of others joined together to create Drupal Commerce, a new eCommerce framework built on Drupal that made no assumptions and was infinitely customizable. Commerce Guys was founded in 2008 with Tim Hill, and expanded to include a French office with Frederic Plais in 2010. Mike and the Commerce Guys have been helping eCommerce companies build state-of-the-art sites since then. When he has spare time, Mike enjoys fixing things (any things) and farming.

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