Ignite OSCON 2012

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Krishna Sankar Lead Software Engineer/Data Scientist, Genophen Krishna Sankar is currently a Lead Software Engineer/Data Scientist at genophen.com developing scientific/consumer bioinformatics systems based on AWS, MongoDB & Hadoop. Prior to this, he was a Lead Architect at egnyte.com, developing cloud object store layer (handling billions of files/petabytes of storage) and security (federated Identity/SSO); and before that he was at Cisco as a Distinguished Engineer, lastly working on various aspects of Big Data & Cloud Computing. His latest RFC 6208 is on cloud storage & CDMI. He been developing systems for the last 30+ years -- from C/CPM to Cobol to Ada to Java to ... His interests include big data stacks -- from infrastructure to visualization, highly scalable cloud architectures & intelligent inferences. He is pursuing the Mining Massive Data Sets Graduate Certificate at Stanford. He also writes books -- including "Cisco Wireless LAN Security" and "Enterprise Web 2.0". His other passion is Lego Robotics and is contributing as Technical Judge in local & Lego world competitions.

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