Ignite OSCON 2012

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Jeff Hobbs Director, Engineering, ActiveState Jeff Hobbs is ActiveState's CTO and VP of Engineering. He oversees development of all ActiveState products—from language distributions to development tools and our cloud solutions, including the strategy of integrating our products for an end-to-end desktop to cloud experience. Though he's responsible for leading and fostering our talented development team, Jeff is a coder at heart! He is passionate about technologies that just work, making the lives of developers easier. His current obsession is making Stackato the best private PaaS platform for developers: using any language, any infrastructure, and leveraging open source -- so that applications just deploy and scale in any cloud. Jeff is a contributing author for Perl and Python extensions, and has been a member of the Tcl Core Team for more than a decade. Jeff is co-author of "Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk", and has been a speaker at Cloud Expo, OSCON, the Tcl Annual Conference, and others. Jeff works closely with ActiveState customers including Cisco, Boeing, Synopsys, NASA and Intel to deliver the best dynamic languages solutions for their development projects. Before joining ActiveState, Jeff was the Tcl Ambassador at Scriptics and a software engineer at Siemens. He has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Oregon.

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