Ignite OSCON 2012

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The quickest way to get a proprietary storage vendor to change the subject is to ask them what they think of Ceph. What makes them so uncomfortable? Ceph provides object storage, block storage, and a distributed file system -- in a single storage platform -- for free. Ceph runs on commodity hardware, allowing you to power your storage with the best technology available. Ceph's powerful distributed block device allows you to scale cloud platforms without limitation, and its object store is compatible with applications written for S3 or Swift. Ceph has been designed with no single point of failure and intelligent nodes that are self-managing and self-healing. It's time to throw away all the old rules and start a new era of free storage solutions. You can pay for expensive and limited proprietary products. Or you can use Ceph and invest that money in your business instead. Ross Turk Inktank Ross Turk is responsible for building a strategic relationship with users, contributors, and the open source community. Ross brings more than 15 years of experience creating software, managing complex IT systems, and helping companies understand and serve developers. Before joining Inktank, Ross managed developer communities for Talend, Alcatel-Lucent and SourceForge.net, the world's largest open source community. In the more distant past, Ross ran the engineering team for SourceForge and provided architectural leadership.

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