Full Stack Fest 2015

Video recording and production done by El Cocu.

A talk from Full Stack Fest 2015 (http://fullstackfest.com/) Procedural content generation allows us programmers to have a degree of artistic expression that most of us rarely get during our day jobs. You can create infinite worlds, songs that never end the same way, or twitter bots which produce the next Hunger Games book. I’ll provide an overview of the techniques used for procedural content generation, and the tools that we can rely on to take advantage of them in JS. Then, we’ll focus on generating a specific type of content. I’ll present a live demo, and walk through how it’s implemented. By the end, you’ll be inspired by the possibilities and ready to start expressing yourself through JS! http://fullstackfest.com/agenda/proce... Recorded & produced by El Cocu (http://elcocu.com)

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