Full Stack Fest 2015

Video recording and production done by El Cocu.

A talk from Full Stack Fest 2015 (http://fullstackfest.com/) In the beginning of 2015, the Ember community took on an audacious effort to rewrite the rendering engine powering Ember apps. This new engine, called Glimmer, dramatically improved the performance of real-world apps in modern browsers and laid the groundwork for many features to come: Web Components integration, faster re-renders, a simplified component model, and unidirectional data flow. So how did we do it? In this code-oriented talk, Tom will walk through the libraries that power Glimmer, giving insight into how a sophisticated framework like Ember works under the hood. Along the way, he will share design decisions and practical considerations for tackling this massive change in a backwards-compatible way; an undertaking one industry thoughtleader has described as “in some sense is like trying to change the engine on a 747 mid flight.” http://fullstackfest.com/agenda/insid... Recorded & produced by El Cocu (http://elcocu.com)

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