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Working as a developer while raising a child isn’t as difficult as you may think. A big share of adults are parents, and many can still become one some day. Becoming a parent changes a lot of things in your life. What it doesn’t change is your ability to work. It surely changes your priorities, and you don’t get much sleep during the first years, but this doesn’t have to prevent anybody from doing awesome work. If we have this in mind, it’s strange to observe what an exotic status parents and children have in our industry. The share of family-friendly employees and workspaces is tremendously low. Also, work organised in a way that doesn’t require everybody to work 40 hours a week is particularly rare, as my current difficulties finding a new job with less hours have shown. Parents in our industry have just become visible in recent years. Therefore, parents are often disregarded when a startup is founded. Creating a family-friendly workspace isn’t difficult, it’s just uncommon. This talk will introduce what it means to be a parent working as a developer and how work can be organised in a family-friendly way. It will show which benefits there are for everybody working in a family-friendly workspace, leaving you with a practical list of ideas how you could improve your work-live.

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