Erlang Factory SF Bay Area 2012

Software Defined Networks (SDN) is one of the hot topics in the networking industry these days. SDN is a radical change in the way networking is approached today. SDN brings the whole software development eco system close the network forwarding elements like switches and router. SDN enables the operators to integrate all the network resources and aspect into the application domain. The network virtualization will follow the computer virtualization. By defining a vendor agnostic API (OpenFlow) to program the behavior of a whole network or network segment. This specification enables the software industry to quickly deliver new architectures, standards, functionalities and applications running on top of every OpenFlow enabled network. FlowER is an open-source Erlang based OpenFlow controller. Its purpose is to provide a simplified platform for writing network control software in Erlang. While still under heavy development, FlowER is the basis for Travelping next generation products and already in use in selected projects. This talk will give an introduction to SDN, OpenFlow and how Erlang and FlowER can help you to get some spring fever in to your network.

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