Erlang Factory SF Bay Area 2012

The keynote will be about the two approaches used for software development today. Either as large (LARGE) projects with a lot of organization and lots of people (sometimes hundreds) using standard technology (C++, Java, UML etc), or by a small (SMALL) number of highly competent people using advanced technology (Erlang, Haskell, OCaml etc). There are cases where LARGE may be necessary, for example in developing software for cellular (mobile) base stations. But for a lot of cases, the SMALL approach is both cheaper and faster. If you look at the presentations at Erlang user conferences/factories, you see that all applications described use the SMALL approach. The LARGE approach will inevitably result in outsourcing software development to countries where labor costs are cheaper, we see already that companies like IBM and Ericsson do a lot of their software development in India and China. If we want to keep a vibrant software development (programming) business in the West (North America and Western Europe) we need to exploit the SMALL approach and also expand it to areas where the LARGE approach is used today. In other words, we need technologies such as Erlang and highly skilled and competent people to exploit them.

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