Erlang Factory SF Bay Area 2012

The hypothesis behind DevOps is that production and deployment risks decrease when Development understands the impact their code has on operations, and when Operations understands how the software was developed and why a new version has to be deployed. DevOps improves an IT organization’s collaboration, coordination, and management of releases by establishing best practices and automating processes. Decreasing deployment risks makes it possible to increase the speed in which new software can be deployed, thereby improving the business' overall agility. But, the staff must still rely on traditional infrastructure operation visualization and analysis tools, and employ ad hoc, manually intensive processes in order identify anomalies, respond to failures, and keep the infrastructure operational day-to-day. This talk will explore ways to make better use of infrastructure “Big Data” to increase IT uptime, decrease total costs of ownership, and keep CIOs and their teams off the hot seat.

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