Elixir Conf EU 2016

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One of the great things with Erlang is how easy it is to distribute. Distributed Erlang makes applications transparent when porting them from a single computer to multiple computers in a network. There are still areas for improvement though, and the OTP team is working on improving the scalability and services of Distributed Erlang. In this talk we'll see what plans we have for the Erlang Distribution. Talk objectives: - How Distributed Erlang works today, some issues with it and how to avoid them - The future of Distributed Erlang Target audience: - Anyone interested in building scalable applications with Elixir or Erlang Zandra is working in the Erlang/OTP team at Ericsson, and is currently focusing on improving the scalability and efficiency of Distributed Erlang. Although her Elixir experience is limited she is happy to be a part of the community and to see it grow.

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