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Elixir Conf 2015

When it comes to releasing your Elixir app, there are a couple of ways to handle it with pros and cons to each. I created Exrm and Conform to simplify this process and provide a path for using the Erlang VM's capability for performing hot upgrades/downgrades. In case you aren't familiar with it, Exrm (Elixir Release Manager) is a library which at it's core exposes a mix task (`mix release`) which builds your Elixir application and packages it as a tarball for easy deployment. By default it contains everything you need to run your application, including the Erlang runtime. It is highly configurable though, and can allow you to build cross-compiled releases for platforms like the RaspberryPi, and much more. Conform is a configuration management library inspired by cuttlefish (a library built by Basho for Riak), and is designed to allow you to expose a simple init-style configuration file in production, defined by a schema, which contains translation to common data types, custom transformations of your own design, and validation rules (such as valid ranges, etc). The purpose of this talk will be to walk you through taking a simple Phoenix application, defining a configuration schema with Conform, building and deploying a release with Exrm, configuring the release, and handling a simple upgrade/downgrade scenario. I will also talk briefly about using Exrm without Conform, and things to keep in mind during development when targeting releases for deployment.

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