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Elixir Conf 2015

Phoenix is the new hotness. Elm is the new hotness. Let's turn up the heat by combining the two for fun and profit. The Phoenix web framework is a great tool for building data APIs. The Elm language is a great way to write declarative, strongly-typed, reactive front end applications that compile down to JavaScript. By creating our front end in Elm and serving it data via the Phoenix API, we can forge a powerful alliance that leads to more robust applications that are much easier to reason about. In this talk we will: Create a simple Elm client app to demonstrate its Model-View-Update architecture Enhance our Elm client by getting it to retrieve data from an API Build a simple Phoenix data API to serve data to our Elm client Swap our Elm client to use our newly generated Phoenix API Discuss several ways that Phoenix and Elm can play together Turn the dials up to 11 by combining Elm's Functional Reactive goodness with Phoenix's channels.

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