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Constant Contact 2014

This presentation, by Stephen Nelson-Smith, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Infrastructure coding is one of the most important and prominent capabilities within any technical group. The ability to write software which is responsible for delivering the foundational platform upon which our businesses run, in a repeatable and automatable manner is one of the most significant developments in the IT industry in the last ten years. However with much power comes much responsibility - while we wouldn't dream of putting our applications into production without a thorough test suite,infrastructure code written using frameworks such as Chef (or similar utilities) is frequently put into use without any test harness or ability to catch regressions. This talk sets out a paradigm for test-driven infrastructure, bringing best practices from agile software development into the operations world, and describes a recommended toolchain and workflow based on Chef and KitchenCI to write automate systems in a truly resilient and trustable way.

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