DockerCon Online Meetup 2015

Video recording and production by DockerCon

Michael Chiang, one of the creators of Toolbox, leads this session with an overview of the solution that has been shipped on Docker 1.8, then Alvin Richards will answer some basic questions on: - What is Docker & why is it important to a Developers, Admins & DevOps - Using Docker to Orchestrate a multi container application (Flask + MongoDB) - Inject HAProxy & other production requirement as we deploy to production - Scale the Web and MongoDB cluster to grow to meet demand There will then be a interactive demo, using the core Docker components (Machine, Engine, Swarm & Compose) and will showcase some of the cool new components (libnetwork, runC) from the experimental branch. I hope you will see how simpler Docker can make building and deploying multi-node applications.

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