DevOpsDays Silicon Valley 2013

Video recording and production done by DevOpsDays.

IT is actually a multi-cultural society comprised of different factions, each advocating for their favorite framework, methodology, technology or philosophy. Culture clashes can range from denial, silo isolation and the most unfortunate “them vs us” mentalities. But not surprisingly, each faction has the same end-game: high quality services that meet business needs at the right time and the right cost. So if everyone is celebrating at the same party, why then is there still such a cultural divide? This presentation examines each culture and discusses ways to recognize and leverage cultural similarities, embrace the differences and cultivate the best of each in order to build a positive, productive and proud culture that is uniquely your own. While this will start as a presentation, I think it would be awesome to get some audience participation, first by polling for the types of frameworks/cultures in place in their organization and then perhaps inviting some people to the stage “party panel” to see if we can get them to share some thoughts and even acknowledge some alignment.

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