DevOpsDays Silicon Valley 2013

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Application monitoring and troubleshooting is a developer and operations concern that causes friction. The current model in which DevOps runs release automation until it hits a performance wall, and Operations swoops in to save the day is not working. Since testers cannot reproduce the complex application operational environment, traditional testing tends to be reactive. We need to change the mindset to “if it is not broken, it may be breaking” and shift to tracking close calls instead of relying excessively on actionable alerts (which often create false positives). According to the Process Improvement Institute, a risk analysis firm, across many industries there are between 50 and 100 near misses recoded per serious accident, and about 10,000 smaller errors that occur during that time. The speaker will discuss practical approaches for implementing tracking of close calls, the different groups of data sets available, a new analytical approach and changes in DevOps to allow this.

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