DevOpsDays Silicon Valley 2013

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The values and ideas espoused by the DevOps movement are great, but by itself isn’t enough. That should be obvious because it is just Dev & Ops, right? Frankly, DevOps is just a piece of a bigger puzzle that needs to be put together to form a whole picture. The same goes for Agile development—not enough. We now have the Lean Startup and LeanUX. We have technologies and practices like the Cloud and Continuous Delivery. By themselves none of these are enough! They address only a part of the required transformation. To really be successful, companies and organizations need to adopt a holistic approach to create an organization that can sense, adapt, learn, and respond like a living, sentient entity. The key to a holistic approach is creating a focus on customer purpose. All activities and organizational units must contribute to the creation of customer value and success. Without the proper orientation towards the customer each part of the organization will perform sub-optimally and could even unwittingly hurt overall efforts. This talk will discuss how to align to our customer’s purpose (the REAL customer) and how to pull all of these related “agile ideas” into a complete, working, value creating organization.

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