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DevOpsDays Philadelphia 2017

This presentation, by David Grizzanti, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Are the benefits of containerization limited to ease of integration, testing, deployment and operations? David Grizzanti explains how his team at Comcast – which develops a highly performant, distributed software system supporting millions of customers and deployed across multiple data centers – moved large-scale, multi-data-center services from an architecture deployed on virtual machines supported by separate development and operations teams to one based on containers with Apache Mesos operated by a single DevOps team, sharing how Comcast overcame multiple challenges – some that were anticipated and many that were not. David discusses the team’s journey from excited experimentation through the valleys of frustration and ultimately to a deeper appreciation for containerization and explains how they were able to get everything working; and optimize the architecture to support service discovery and multitenancy in some interesting ways. Topics include: - Some of the basics: Environments, tools, choices - War games and surprises: IP addresses, logging, metrics - Team organization: Taking responsibility for development, integration, and operations of the platform - Application errors under load - Debugging performance - Scaling the application up - Supporting multi-tenancy - Simplifying the application’s core algorithm - Achieving superior performance

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