DevOpsDays Paris 2015

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DevOps is all about getting Devs and Ops guys to effectivly work together. With things like better monitoring, automation, config management etc. we can now speak the same language when it comes to technology. We have continuous integration and sometimes even continuos deployment, and could be rather satisfied that we develop and deliver software like never before. And all is quite nice, as long as everything runs as expected. But then disaster strikes. It is in the face of failure that our abilities to effectively communicate and deal with problems are put to the test. All too often, things go downhill very fast, when someone screws up. This talk will explore typical anti-patterns in dealing with failure and discuss the patterns that will help you stay on top of the problems and learn the most out of mistakes and failures. You will learn tools and techniques that help you avoid the blame game, keep communication between Devs and Ops and inside the teams flowing and help everyone to a common understanding of what happened why - and how to prevent this from happening again in the future. You will also learn how to reduce the risk of things going wrong not by more testing (though testing is important) or more specs but by getting the right bunch of people talking in the right way. This talk is for everyone who is not living in a perfect world, but in a world where mistakes happen. slides:

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