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DevOpsDays New York 2016

This presentation, by Anthony Caiafa, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

SRE is a topic that most recently has become a popular discussion across many companies I have interacted with. What is SRE? Who are SRE's? How do we get it? I, just like everyone else have opinions around this topic. However there is a common ground between us all. SRE is not only about tooling and tech, but it is primarily a CULTURAL shift within companies. Now, just as a disclaimer these are just my opinions and experiences with building organizations like this and talking to other companies who have implemented or are implementing this. There is no prescription to building SRE. Everyone will find a way that this fits their company and build this according to their current operating model. Forcing this in because it's the new fad is not the best approach but that's up to you...

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