DevOpsDays Chicago 2014

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I work for a company called SPS Commerce, it's been a very aggressive growth company and a heck of a wild ride, being the 82nd employee when I started in 2005 I have had the opportunity to observe the wide variety of challenges a company can go through at different sizes (we're over 750 employees now). What I have come to observe as a critical factor in the success of a technology company is how well priorities are aligned across the company, not just Dev and Ops, but product, security, marketing, etc... I think this is a critical ignored factor of effectively delivering a service and as a result it causes humans to work against each other. This talk will go into how and why I believe not effectively managing an organization's priorities is as damaging to a company's success as not trying to implement a DevOps culture at all! (I will try to touch on how this is different at various sizes of companies)

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