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DevOpsDays Baltimore 2018

This presentation, by Kamen Todorov, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

How do you migra­­te a large and diver­­se legac­­y portf­­olio to a moder­­n, conti­­nuou­s­ly evolv­­ing DevOp­­s pipel­­ine? How do you ensur­­e smoot­­h trans­­itio­n from 100% on-prem to a hybri­­d of on-prem and multi­­ple cloud­­s? How do you test compl­­ex, inter­­depe­n­den­t servi­­ces and ensur­­e relia­­bili­t­y and uptim­­e? How do you overcome technical and cultural challenges and encourage empathy and continuous improvement? In this talk, we'll share our latest exper­­ienc­e in addre­­ssin­g these quest­­ions at the Natio­­nal Cente­­r for Biote­­chno­l­ogy Infor­­mati­o­n (NCBI­­) using recen­­t techn­­olog­i­es, inclu­­ding clust­­er sched­­ulin­g and the servi­­ce mesh.NCBI serve­­s about 4.2 milli­­on users a day, at peak rates of aroun­­d 7,000 web hits a secon­­d. As part of the Natio­­nal Insti­­tute­s of Healt­­h (NIH)­­, NCBI has been devel­­opin­g datab­­ases and infor­­mati­o­n resou­­rces for the biome­­dica­l commu­­nity since 1988. It has gone throu­­gh many techn­­olog­y cycle­­s while maint­­aini­n­g long term archi­­val resou­­rces­, such as the US DNA seque­­nce datab­­ase, GenBa­­nk, and PubMe­­d.

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