DevOpsDays Amsterdam 2013

In this off colored talk, I'll cover the major players of cult favorite The Big Lebowski and how those players map to the people you are likely to encounter when executing an IT project. Successful IT projects are often more about the organizational issues you'll encounter rather than the technical issues. In this talk, we'll cover some of the "characters" of IT you will encounter on your journey, and how to overcome them. For fun, we will draw from the characters of The Big Lebowski, as well as the Dude's experiences, in order to help you navigate your organization. After all, "All the Dude ever wanted was his project done." The big change I would make is to go a bit deeper into the characters of IT (based on feedback I got after CloudStack Collab) and incorporate more theory regarding psychology, organizational management, and sociology to educate the audience on organization dynamics. As IT people often lack interpersonal relationship skills (I know I do at times), I think this talk can be very useful for attendees.

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