DevconTLV October 2013

Realize better collaboration through continuous delivery, so innovation reaches release in minutes, not hours or days. With CA LISA Release Automation, CA Technologies expands its market-leading solutions to address the most critical DevOps challenges. Part of the CA LISA Application Delivery suite, this continuous application delivery solution (formerly from Nolio) allows customers to simplify and streamline application releases, certify and test application deployment rapidly, move applications into production automatically with higher quality, and ensure continuous application delivery across the software development lifecycle for improved agility. Today’s world of rapid agile development and complex hybrid infrastructure– including cloud computing – requires enterprise IT organizations to have more systematic and automated application deployment processes and tools to meet customer demands better, cheaper and faster than the competition. Increasing application complexity, dynamic IT environments, constant changes and manual processes cause delays, increase errors and escalate costs, making it even more challenging to move applications from development into production rapidly while maintaining quality, reliability and efficiency. CA LISA Release Automation empowers customers to meet these challenges head-on by eliminating expensive and time-consuming manual methods with automated release processes across the application delivery chain. This talk offers a detailed view on the Release Automation and Application Continuous Delivery concepts and the echo system in the DevOps life cycle.

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