DevconTLV June 2013

DevCon TLV June 2013 was presented by People and Computers Israel, posted on YouTube by Raphael Fogel, these videos were not produced by Confreaks, LLC.

The #1 Real-time Network is here direct from Silicon Valley San Francisco to talk about the top real-time SDK running on the biggest Real-time Network on Earth. In this session, I will describe the amazing opportunity to create cross-platform HTML5 and JavaScript applications that communicate instantly everywhere. I will give you tips on how to construct a successful real-time web app product by showing you what to avoid in the HTML toolset while maintaining full control over the design and workflow. We will discuss communication between users in an HTML5 Web App available in the PubNub Real-time Network. This session will use a live app built with HTML5, JavaScript and a Real-Time Network API to demonstrate how to overcome the real-time web challenges! Discover what companies such as Yahoo!, GetTaxi and Rebtel have accomplished to deliver with a Real-Time Network quickly, easily and affordably.

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