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Chef Conf 2016

At Capital One, we want our cloud-enabled infrastructure to be an incubator for innovation and an accelerator for bringing more capabilities to our customers. We embraced the principles of Automation, Agile, DevOps, DevOpsSecurity, and Open Source with a robust automation framework to reach our goals. Chef combines innovation, speed, collaboration, and safety all into one DevOps platform. We introduced Chef to our DevOps engineers and quickly built a strong user community through sharing code and discussion forums like office hours and an internal Stack Exchange. Our Chefs didn't need to keep a personal knife because our Jenkins did all the work. We built a flexible Jenkins pipeline to deliver cookbook-enabled integration with automated application builds and provisioning. Implementing Chef Analytics provided more insight into the actions of the nodes and fed all of this data into Splunk for better visualization. A highly available Chef server and a private Supermarket provided our DevOps engineers with everything needed to manage their infrastructure and share their automation. This enabled fast and flexible IT as well as continuous delivery of applications and infrastructure. In this talk, we will share some details about our journey from sous chefs to master chefs. We hope you can leverage our experience on your own master chef journey.

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