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Chef Conf 2016

This presentation, by Nirmal Mehta, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

This session is a call to action for organizations to embrace Infrastructure as Code to achieve compliance and vulnerability remediation without slowing down the DevOps process. As an industry, we are now capturing most commercial and government compliance frameworks as standardized Chef cookbooks. This not only enables an organization to quickly roll out server compliance to meet various regulations (CIS, PCI, NIST) but also enables the rapid testing of server configurations. In this session I will demonstrate how Booz Allen has used Chef Compliance and Chef Delivery to enable quick response to remediating vulnerabilities, testing the compliance checks, and delivering those changes quickly. I will also present a call to action for our DevOps practitioners to embrace, open sourced compliance cookbooks and to participate in the compliance community to enable organizations of all sizes to take advantage of Infrastructure as Code and improve the compliance posture of the IT industry.

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