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Chef Conf 2016

At SAP NS2, our business is focused on delivering a full suite of applications, analytics, database, cybersecurity, and cloud software solutions. with specialized levels of security and support for our U.S. national security and critical infrastructure customers. We have the same needs for development velocity as many other organizations but we must operate under stringent compliance and security protocols that present barriers to collaboration and fast, small batch releases. Our presentation will examine how you can balance velocity and compliance in regulated environments, and will take what we’ve learned from working with the government and show you how to apply those lessons to a range of industries with their own security and compliance considerations. A few topics we will cover: -How do you apply DevOps to enterprise software? -Compliance and security at speed and scale -Continuous monitoring is continuous delivery -How do I ensure auditability of my infrastructure -Chef Delivery and its vital role with compliance -Chef provisioning and our ability to adapt to customer needs quickly and reliably. -Auto scaling powered by slapchop Attendees will learn how we: -Leveraged Chef to enforce compliance -Leveraged Delivery for Change Control -Enabled auditing powered by Chef data.

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