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Chef Conf 2016

This presentation, by Trevor Hess , Levi Geinert, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

In "Adding Windows to Your Kitchen", Trevor "The Chef Prince" Hess from 10th Magnitude and Levi Geinert from the Target DevOps Dojo will discuss common practices and challenges in the process of converging Windows. You’ll learn how you can use your existing Chef knowledge to build out integrations so your Windows machines can have the same level of testing/coverage as your Linux machines! Attendees will learn how 10th Magnitude and Target approached: -Kitchen Setup, Image Requirements, and Reboots -WinRM challenges (it's getting better!) -WSUS limits & Workarounds (Chef solo schedules task) -Using Rake tasks to manage multiple converges -Leverage DSC to make your life easier -Pester for testing -Tying into existing source control & CI tools -Utilizing add-ons like Jenkins, TeamCity, TFS, Git, NANO, containers, and more! In addition to the spoken presentation, "Adding Windows to Your Kitchen" will include a 5 minute episode of the "popular", (and completely made-up) renovation series: Improvement (read as: Localhost Improvement) The video will introduce the higher-level concepts of the presentation in a similar way to last year’s "Chef Prince of Azure" music video. Think equal parts "Tool Time" from Home Improvement and This Old House.

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