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Chain React 2017

This presentation, by Chris Ball, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Talk Abstract We’ll walk through everything involved in taking an app from initial concept all the way to submitting an iOS and Android app to the App Stores. Talk Description There is a lot to consider when developing a new React Native application, and even more to think about in order to ship it. This talk will focus on distilling all of those requirements into actionable, easy to follow steps that you can use to deliver your next app. We’ll do this by examining an app crafted specifically for this talk, which you can use throughout the conference! Notes First and foremost, here’s what will make this talk great: I want to create an app specifically for Chain React Conf that allows users to take photos of anything and everything going on. To make this even better, I would like to partner with a designer at Infinite Red to provide 1-3 photo frames to choose when taking a photo that has the conference branding. The current plan is to have the app leverage Firebase via Firestack to allow for real-time updates. Due to how the app would be used, this talk is best suited for early in the conference lineup to get people using it. If we really want to take things up a notch, we can create a page for the conference web site that shows all of the photos in real time without much additional effort.

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