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Cascadia Ruby 2014

This presentation, by John Hyland, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Boring technology is awesome. The more boring, the better. It's less shiny, but you get to spend all your time writing code and building new things that actually work, and that's the most exciting part anyway! Come to this talk and you'll walk away armed with simple, proven tools that can save you countless hours of wrestling with problems that have been solved for decades. We'll cover specific examples of existing network protocols and unix utilities that can serve the same purposes as trendy new approaches, letting you get on with the business of writing the code you actually want to write instead of spinning your wheels trying to integrate a bunch of bleeding edge technologies. On the other hand, sometimes you really do need something new, so we'll discuss the limitations of the simple solutions, and explore some criteria to evaluate whether the benefits of throwing in the new hotness outweigh the risks, as well as strategies to mitigate those risks when it does turn out to be warranted. Embrace boring. Build simpler, more reliable code, and experience the joy of shipping a working product in less time than it takes to get your Mongular DirectiveBase talking to the ClojThrift.js componoids (much less writing any actual code).

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