Barcelona Ruby Conference 2013

Video recording and production done by Barcelona Ruby Conference.

Despite its reputation for being slow, MRI is still the most widely installed implementation of Ruby. Do you know how MRI got that reputation? Do you know what goes into executing Ruby on MRI? And more importantly, should today's Ruby be saddled with that reputation still? We're going to take a walk through the C internals from through garbage collection in Ruby's MRI. We'll examine the idioms and optimizations in the C source and leave you feeling comfortable to explore the code yourself. At the end of the rb_newobj() rabbit hole is a whole world of garbage collection. Major changes have been made in MRI's garbage collector from Ruby 1.8 through 2.0: changes intended to make Ruby more performant, changes intended to capitalize on MRI's roots in UNIX. From mark-and-sweep to copy-on-write and bitmap marking, we'll see what the future of Ruby performance might look like by peering through the window of the garbage collector.

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