AWS re:Invent 2013

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Woot, an Amazon subsidiary, specializes in offering great new product deals every day. Woot's deeply discounted deals; and signature events like the 'Woot Off 'and 'Bag of Crap' sales launch at specific times throughout the day, and the resulting spiky traffic patterns are highly correlated to revenue. In this session, we offer an unvarnished perspective into how Woot uses services such as Amazon DynamoDB, EC2, ELB, CloudSearch, CloudFront, and SES. Learn how to architect for security and PCI for a retail website running on AWS. Dig into the technical details of a data-store comparison between DynamoDB, Mongo, Oracle, and SQLServer, to find the right solution for unique workloads. Join us as we share our musings and real-lessons learned from using a cocktail of AWS services. We encourage you to attend even if none of this makes sense or is interesting. Don't miss the opportunity to hang out with Mortimer the Woot monkey and his crew and to walk away with one of our legendary flying monkeys.

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