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Aloha Ruby Conf 2012

This presentation, by Mitchell Hashimoto, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

We all interface with Ruby libraries every day, so we all know what makes up a "good" Ruby API. But there is a lot more to a "good" library than just the API: proper logging, flexible configuration, a sane exception hierarchy, and useful documentation, just to name a few. How do we do these things properly? What pros/cons are there to different approaches? Unfortunately, no one really talks about these things, despite being very important to the overall feel of a library. In this talk I'll share my knowledge of these things from being the maintainer of popular Ruby applications and libraries. I'll show you the idiomatic Ruby way to do logging, configuration, exception handling, and much much more. But don't worry, I won't just be preaching, I'll show you the reasons why these methods have become the community approved way of doing things.

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