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Have you ever wanted to vanquish a dragon with your bare hands? First step is making a world where you can. In this talk, I'll give you the blueprints for my Python text adventure engine, as well as some recipes for making things in a text-only world.

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Recorded at: September 19, 2014
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Over the past years I've created numerous open-source libraries, but my biggest and most popular open-source Ruby projects aren't my own. Three years ago I took over Grape and more recently Hashie Hashie. Both are very important to the community and used by thousands of projects.

Taking over someone else's project without just forking it away is both a commitment and a challenge. It's often ungrateful work, but it's really important. In this talk I'll give some history, motivations and practical tools of how to do it. What do to when maintainers go MIA, and more.